• 2021年5月25日
  • 2021年12月4日

Muscle Strain

Muscle strain is very popular injury in sports people. This article explains what is muscle strain to how to cure it from the view point of sports physiotherapist. What is Muscle Strain? Muscle strain is a injury of muscles, simply saying. To understand this injury, it is important to know the struc […]

  • 2021年5月21日
  • 2021年12月4日

Shoulder and Neck Pain

Along with low back pain, shoulder and neck pain is also very common injury for young adult to elderly people. Due to improving modern technology and accessibility of smartphone and tablet, not only desk workers, but also young generations who are close to SNS are struggling with shoulder and neck p […]

  • 2021年5月20日
  • 2021年12月4日

Low Back Pain

  Low back pain is one of the most common injury in the world. Why so may people are struggling with this impairment? The reason is that main causes in 90% of low back pain are unknown.   What is Lower Back Pain? Firstly, lower back pain is divided into two types, specific and non-specific […]