Physiotherapy Clinic at Sannomiya, Kobe【Lifelong】

Lifelong aims to improve your health conditions by order-made physical therapy.

Your own special programme is able to release your physical concerns significantly and quickly.

We promise our sincere support for you, whatever your problems are.

Rebuild your body

No more treatment for the same pain again and again.

Reconstruct your body that does not cause the pain.

Pain is a “result”, Body is the “cause”.

Removing the cause is the best treatment and prevention for your lifelong health.

Your own programme

Causes of pain are not only one thing.

Many factors influence each other, such as posture, habit and work environment.

Because YOU got the pain, it must be treated by specialised treatment for YOU.

Customer’s feedback

Lower back pain which could not change last 3 years is improving 
Rehabilitation for lower back pain and postural disorder
Case of Chloé
Chloé was going to a local clinic (Seikotsuin) to receive treatment for lower back pain last 3 years, and nothing changed. Manual therapy and massage did not improve her back pain because the main causes of the pain were actually thoracic spine kyphosis and lumbar spine lordosis. Correcting postural disorder by gentle exercise and stretching significantly improved her lower back pain. Chloé also said 『I thought my posture was never correctable.』

1 month of rehab returned me
to my normal daily life 
Rehabilitation for Herniated disc in lower back
Case of Yuki
Yuki struggled with lower back pain for 8 months. At first, it wasn’t too bad, but it got worse over time, to the point where he could barely walk when he came to this clinic. The hospital did an MRI scan and found out he had a herniated disc in his lower back. The doctor suggested surgery, but Yuki wanted to avoid that. He started rehab here instead and, amazingly, within a month, he was almost back to normal without needing surgery.

I didn’t actually think
my knee would be better 
Rehabilitation for knee pain
Case of Matthew
Matthew had been struggling with R medial knee pain while running for a while. It had become normal for him to feel knee pain every time he ran and during daily activities. However, the cause of the pain was unknown. After undergoing physical and functional tests, it was revealed that his knee was unstable upon landing on the ground, and knee valgus was observed. He tried exercise therapy, including strengthening the muscles around the knee and hip joints, as well as correcting his running form to avoid valgus knee alignment. After a couple of months, he was finally able to run without knee pain for the first time in a long while


Yusaku Nakao

Chartered Society of Physiotherapist (UK)
MSc Physiotherapy (Belgium)


2006 Shinko High School, Kobe, Japan

2010  Chukyo University, Aichi, Japan

2013  East London University, London, UK

2016  KU Leuven, Leuven, Belgium



2010      Wingate&Finchley FC, English Football 7th division

2011-12  Brentford FC, England Football 3rd division

2013-15  Waasland-Beveren FC, Belgium Football 1st division

2016       San-en NeoPhoenix, B.LEAGUE

2017       Shiga Lakestars, B.LEAGUE

2018-19 Sun Rockers Shibuya, B.LEAGUE

2021      Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Medical staff


Exercise Therapy

1st appointment

  •  Understanding your concern and background
  •  Creating your own programme
  • ​ Introducing your exercises

After the 1st appointment

  •  Visit whenever you are convenient
  •  No appointment needed
  •  Start your programme when you are ready​
  •  Staff instruct you how to exercise correctly
  • ​ Programme is been adjusted depending on your improvement

1month later

  •  Check how your body has improved
  •  Create new programme for next goals
  •  Final goal is managing your body by yourself

Personal Training

Individualised Training

Experienced physiotherapist makes order-made training programme depending on your goals. 

  •  Improving general health
  •  Elderly programme
  •  Weight gain & loss
  •  Professional athletes
  •  Youth athletes
  •  Maternity Training
  •  Infertility Training

※ 1 month use, same as exercise therapy


Manual therapy & Rehab

  •  Conditioning is the best option for acute injuries
  •  30 min of manual therapy by sports physio 
  •  30 min of rehabilitation for prevention

Treatment Methods

What we treat

Head and Neck

⚫︎ Headache
⚫︎ Concussion
⚫︎ Neck pain
⚫︎ Cervical herniation

⚫︎ Shoulder pain
⚫︎ Rotator cuff injuries
⚫︎ Frozen shoulder
⚫︎ Dislocation
⚫︎ Shoulder impingement syndrome

⚫︎ Tennis elbow
⚫︎ Golfer’s elbow
⚫︎ Elbow tendonitis

⚫︎ Sprain
⚫︎ Colles fracture
⚫︎ Dislocation
⚫︎ DeQuervain’s syndrome
⚫︎ Tendonitis
⚫︎ Carpal tunnel syndrome
⚫︎ TFCC innjury
Trunk and Spine

⚫︎ Low back pain
⚫︎ Disc herniation
⚫︎ Lumbar spine stenosis
⚫︎ Scoliosis
⚫︎ Spondylolisthesis
⚫︎ Sciatica
⚫︎ Spinal cord injury

⚫︎ Hip impingement
⚫︎ Labral tear
⚫︎ Osteitis pubis
⚫︎ Sports hernia
⚫︎ Hip arthritis

⚫︎ ACL injury
⚫︎ Collateral ligament injuries
⚫︎ Meniscus tear
⚫︎ Patellar tendinitis
⚫︎ Knee osteoarthritis
Ankle and Foot

⚫︎ Ankle sprain
⚫︎ Achilles tendonitis
⚫︎ Achilles tendon rupture
⚫︎ Stress fracture
⚫︎ Plantar fasciitis
Sports injuries

⚫︎ Muscle strain
⚫︎ Contusion
⚫︎ Fracture
⚫︎ Shin splint
⚫︎ Jumper’s knee
⚫︎ Osgood-schlatter disease


Exercise Therapy
– – – – – – ¥ 29,700 (Tax included) 

  •  Consultation
  •  Physical examination
  •  Movement analysis
  •  Creating your own programme
  • ​ Personal training
  • ​ 1 month use of facility

Personal Training
– – – – – – ¥ 29,700 (Tax included) 

  •  Consultation
  •  Physical examination
  •  Movement analysis
  •  Creating your own programme
  • ​ Personal training
  • ​ 1 month use of facility

– – – – – – ¥ 11,000 (Tax included)

  • 30min Manual therapy session
  • ​30min Rehabilitation

Cancellation Policy

In case you are not satisfied with our service, you can apply for cancellation.

① 50% back: Within 5 days after 1st appointment

Completed 1st screening session and started your own programme.However, if you do not feel comfortable for our service, such asService was different from what I imagined

・ Service does not match what I want

・​I am not confident to continue exercises

・​We refund 50% of 1st month fee.​

② 100% back: You are not satisfied with your condition after 1 month

If you work hard for 1 month and not satisfied where you achieved, we refund 100% of 1st screening fee.​ Condition for application is below.

“You regularly visit the facility and completed whole exercises provided”
  •  You need to visit our facility when you apply for cancellation. Unable to take procedures by call or e-mail.
  •  Once you apply for cancellation, you will not be able to use our facility in future.
  •  Cancellation policy is applicable only for “Monthly membership”. Not applicable for any other services.
  •  Customers will be charged the handling fee for cancellation procedures.




Onoedori 5-1-12-201, Chuo-ku, Kobe, Hyogo

3 minutes walking from any Sannomiya stations

​No car parking available

TEL: 080-9746-8156



Opening Hours

Monday-Friday 10:00-20:00 (19:00 Last entry)

Saturday       9:00-13:00 (12:00 Last entry)

​※ Reservation required for the 1st appointment


​Sunday, Holiday